Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Mobile, and not-so-mobile, learning technologies

Our capital expenditure budgets have been set for 2012, so this week we've been working out how best to allocate the funds we have been given for the project.

We're working with the idea that there are three main sorts of tasks that students will be using digital technologies for: visual content generation (ie designing page layouts etc); research and written content generation and social media; recording of assessment information. Our device purchases will be dictated by what will best enable students and teachers to accomplish these tasks.

So far our selection is looking like:
  • several iMacs, primarily for visual content generation
  • a Canon EOS 550D for still and video content generation and recording interviews
  • an iPad2 for mobile editing and uploading of content, and social media
  • a digital camcorder for recording interviews and assessment presentations
  • a data projector for presentations and whole group discussions
  • several older Macs for research, written content generation, and social media
  • Adobe Creative Suite

In addition to the hardware and software that we'll provide, we're expecting some of the students to want to bring along their own laptops and mobile devices to work on, so we'll be making wifi available to them.

Students within the project will also have access to a range of other ICTs and gear through our Art Department - digital SLRs, printers etc.

We're interested to read comments from anyone who might have some alternative suggestions about the ICTs we may need. Bear in mind we're working on a pretty limited budget - once the magazine's famous and the advertisers are flocking to us we'll look at providing each student with a MacBookPro, an iPad3 and a Canon EOS 5D!

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