Saturday, 10 December 2011

Welcome to the Curriculum Integration Project blog

This blog tracks the development of an educational experiment. It records the progress of an attempt to integrate a range of learning across multiple curriculum areas, as three teachers, 21 senior secondary students, and multiple guests, advisers, and contributors collaborate to create a visual culture magazine.

The people involved:

Sam Cunnane: Visual arts teacher and assessment specialist. Project leader.

Lorena Strother: English teacher and assessment specialist.

Angela Rogerson: Visual arts teacher.

Twent-one NZC Level 7 and 8 students: More about them coming soon on their blogs, which will be launched in February 2012.

Virginia Crawford: Principal, Fraser High School.

Peter Robinson: Systems and IT manager.

The project will officially kick off in February 2012, when the students join us for the start of the school year. Over the next two months you'll be able to follow us as we complete the planning phase of the project. After that you'll be able to read about our progress as we develop the magazine.

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