Tuesday, 13 December 2011

So, what will the project look like?

The essence of the project is that by working to produce an authentic product students will generate evidence of rich learning that can then be assessed against a range of NCEA standards.

To complete this project, students will work as a group for all but one 'line' of their senior school timetable (approximately 20 hours per week of class time, plus whatever additional time they are willing to dedicate to it). By the end of the second term this group of students will have produced the magazine and an associated website, both of such a standard that they will be hard to distinguish from any other boutique magazine.

The website will be launched in early March 2012, and our big deadline for sending the magazine to print is at the end of June 2012. Once this phase of the project is completed students will move on to preparing for their external NCEA assessments (Visual Arts folios, English, Media Studies and other exams). The students will follow a normal programme of study for their other line of the timetable (a chance for them to have a break from the single class, and to pursue an area of learning that falls outside of the magazine project.

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